Bridgeman Blue - Jasper Hill

$ 15.00


Note the size change. The pieces are now bigger. They used to be 5.33 oz. pieces and not are 10 oz. pieces, almost twice as big.

A quantity of "1" is a 1/8 wheel (about ten ounces) of perfectly ripe cheese. This cheese is Non-GMO verified and made from raw goat and cow milk after being aged for two to three months.

BRIDGMAN - Bridgman Blue is made within Jasper HIll’s original farmstead creamery in Greensboro, Vermont. The raw cow milk is exclusively sourced from Jasper Hill’s own cows. Before the make begins, this milk is blended with a fresh delivery of raw milk from Bridgman Hill Farm’s goats. Curd are then formed using a specialized blue cheese vat.

SENSORY NOTES  - Tall cylinders of fresh cheese make their way across the drive into The Cellars, where a rustic natural rind is cultivated during several months of cave ripening. Resulting flavors are complex with notable aromas of goat milk, white pepper, buckwheat honey and caves. A dense but giving texture is creamy on the palate.

PAIRING AND SERVICE  - The texture and flavor of Bridgman are unique to the blend of cow and goat milk, but achieves a balance of flavors that renders it accessible to those new to the style. Try pairing with an oaked red dessert wine, a rich sherry, or a bowl full of pitted dates. Bridgman is also ideal for crumbling over a juicy steak or adding to a salad with beets, pistachios, and herbs.