Red Sky - Bloomy Rind - Sweet Rowen Creamery

$ 8.00

$ 10.00


Soft-ripened bloomy rind cow's milk cheese similar to brie or camembert. It is soft, buttery, tangy, creamy, and luscious. Storm is a very elegant cheese to nibble on with charcuterie, crackers and your favorite local beverage.

The Red Sky bloomy is dusted with smoked paprika.

"Bloomies” are inspired by the small, crottin style cheeses of old Europe. These tall, drum shaped, lactic-set cheeses are carefully ladled by hand and aged for several weeks to ensure a good “bloomy” rind. The inner paste goes from dense to gooey as it ages and can be eaten at any stage according to your personal preferences. These cheeses deserve to be served at room temp, as you would a brie or camembert, to allow for full sensory appreciation.

A quantity of "1" is a 7oz bloomy.

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