Surf & Turf

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Surf and Turf is a simple way to make a special dinner any night of the week. 

Included in the  box:

 1 - Beef-Rib Delmonico Steak
 Pasture-based and raised using Organic practices (but not certified organic)

 Fed "Hay in a day" and dry hay from our farm during non-grazing months
 Absolutely herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones, or antibiotics
 USDA inspected and labeled
 Dry aged at least 14 days
 Frozen in clear, vacuum-sealed packaging
 Weight approximately  12oz steak.

- Colossal Tiger Shrimp
 Colossal size comes with 8/12 shrimp per bag
 Naturally plump with no added filler
 Crisp and firm texture
 Naturally farm-raised in their native waters
 Weight 1lb

 - 8oz Garlic Scape Pesto from the house of Svenfish
   Delicious on bread, pasta, veggies, fish, aka all the things!

   Ingredients: Galic scape, Parmigiano cheese, basil, olive oil, salt, sun-dried tomatoes,       black pepper.   

- 1 Lemon
 - Parsley 
 - Bulb of Garlic