Whitney- Jasper Hill

$ 8.00


Whitney is the newest addition to Jasper Hill’s mountain-style family of cheeses. It’s a younger cheese, with a dense, incredibly supple paste and a peachy wine-washed rind. Whitney’s aromatics are deeply toasty, with notes of cooked onion & crispy-skinned roasted chicken. Whitney is meaty, sweet, and slightly funky, but these bold flavors are balanced out by its buttery smoothness.

Whitney melts like a dream. Whether you’re making fondue, topping burgers, stirring it into mac & cheese, or crafting the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, Whitney’s got you covered.

We’ve named this cheese in honor of the Whitney family, without whom we surely would not be where we are today. Tim Whitney has been part of Jasper Hill since 2004, when we were just starting out. His daughter Alyssa packs and builds all of our pallets, & his sons Adam and Andrew have both worked on our farm. We are so grateful for the hard work, care, & devotion of this remarkable family!

- Weight  Approximately: 6 oz.