Captain's Choice Small Subscription

$ 40.00 Sale Save

Captain's Choice Small Subscription

$ 40.00 Sale Save

Committing to ‘Meatless Mondays’ or a pescatarian diet is easy with the small Captain's Choice subscription! A great, economical way to explore new fish that Captain Sven selects for you. 

We’ll deliver approximately two (2) pounds of varied fish fillets, that's four servings, however often you choose to get it. Subscribing to the Captain’s Choice saves you an average of 20% per delivery!

Different week to week, a typical delivery includes salmon or arctic char, a whitefish like haddock or monkfish, and occasionally we toss in some shellfish too. Trust us, it’s all good.

Also available, the Large Captain's Choice subscription.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Corey Marie Spaulding
The customer service is just as good as the product: excellent and consistent

This is by far the best decision I have made in years, to subscribe for the Captains choice small subscription for weekly fresh fish delivered! Really great product, service and value.

Deborah B.
Quality can't be beat

It is SUCH a treat to get our 2 lbs of filets. They're securely vacuum-sealed, so we can either use them right away or pop then in the freezer. I grew up near the coast, so my standards are very high, and even I think the freshness and quality are phenomenal.

Cassandra A.
such a treat!

We subscribed initially for 5 weeks and are now 3 weeks in and definitely extending for longer. Everything we have received has been delicious and it is so fun to see what each week's package includes. Almost tempted to try the larger option but that might be too much. Highly recommend!

Mark Seymour

Always fresh and tasty.

Linda Markin
Great fish. What happened to drop off service?

How do i get your containers back to you? It would have been helpful to have had communication about delivery.