Sweet Rowen Creamery


Sweet Rowen Farmstead (“Row“ is pronounced aü, like “cow”) is a grass-based, family-owned and operated dairy located about 20 miles south of the Canadian border in Albany, VT.  The farm milks a small herd of Vermont Heritage Linebacks, a breed that traces its origins back to Randall Ridgebacks, known for the distinctive pattern of white splashes on the backs and face. Sweet Rowen’s mission is to maintain a working landscape that provides families with fresh food, supports the local economy, and upholds the ecological integrity of the environment. 

Owner Paul Lisai is a graduate of Sterling College in Craftsbury, VT. Paul spent several years working on­­­­­­­ farms around the world before starting Sweet Rowen Farmstead on family property in 2011. He manages the land using sustainable agricultural practices like rotational grazing and no tillage cropping, which helps sequester carbon in the soil. The cows are raised on grass (“Sweet Rowen” refers to the first cut of hay, which is always the sweetest) and a small amount of high-quality grain. The animals are never given Rbst (recombinant bovine somatropin, a growth hormone) or any other hormones.  

 Sweet Rowen produces a wide range of products in their new creamery. Their popular offerings include a line of tangy spreadable farmers cheeses, soft-ripened bloomy rind cheeses, block cheeses, cheese curds, feta and cream-top whole milk, and they’ve recently added whole milk yogurt to the line-up.  Visit sweetrowen.com to learn more about this amazing local business and their delicious products.