About Us


Our CFO Sven went down to the docks once a week to pick up some crazy fresh fish for his friends and family. As word spread, Sven got more interest from people who wanted in on the action. Thus, Svenfish was born in 2016 and our purpose is to bring the freshest of fish from the docks direct to you. Everyone deserves crazy fresh fish! 

As Svenfish grew, Sven met some of his neighborhood farmers in Vermont. He decided to add craft farm products into our business. This way, local farmers would be able to get their fresh products to a whole new group of clientele and bring craft goods to those who would love them!

Our goal is to provide our customers with the freshest possible produce. It’s hard to determine how many days the average fish spends in the supply chain before reaching the grocery store. Sven realized that he could offer those in his community “top of the catch” fish, the freshest off the boat, and deliver products to his customers that he could feel good about.