Svenfish x Tackle2thePeople

Svenfish is proud to partner with Tackle2thePeople, led by Michael Xu. This week, we're excited to bring you fresh, dayboat-caught Striped Bass, provided by Michael and Captain Cam Faria of Cambo Charters.

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Dayboat Striped Bass
Dayboat Striped Bass
Dayboat Striped Bass
Dayboat Striped Bass
Dayboat Striped Bass
Dayboat Striped Bass
Dayboat Striped Bass
Dayboat Striped Bass
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Dayboat Striped Bass by Tackle2thePeople

Experience the thrill of the catch with wild striped bass (aka rockfish), a fish revered by both anglers and foodies! Brought to you by Tackle2thePeople, this fish is 100% sustainably sourced and never frozen. Cherished for its large, buttery flakes and deliciously sweet, briny flavor, striped bass can be cooked any way you like, but it’s perfect for the grill.


  • Dayboat, Wild-Caught, Rod and Reel
  • Locally-Sourced from New England waters
  • Never Frozen


  • One unit is equal to one pound (two servings) of raw, boneless, skin-on fillet(s)

All fish are individually caught with rod & reel, meaning there is no dragging or gill nets involved in our operation. Fish are bled and iced immediately upon catch, drastically prolonging their freshness and shelf life. This eliminates nearly all bycatch and ensures sustainability.

We work in harmony with the ocean, targeting only local waters in Massachusetts to source wild fish that are in season. Fish travel no longer than a short car ride to arrive at their final destination before being sold

Freshness guarantee. While imported grocery store fish are weeks old due to processing and shipping times, our fish are sold direct to consumers within less than 48 hours of being caught.

About Tackle2thePeople

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Meet Michael Xu

Michael Xu, known as Tackle2thePeople, has over 1 million followers thanks to his engaging short-form videos on recreational fishing, the blue economy, and small-scale commercial fishermen.

Sustainable Fishing

Partnering with local fishermen like Captain Cam Faria, Michael ensures that all fish are caught using rod and reel, eliminating harmful practices like dragging and trawling.

Fresh Not Frozen

Svenfish and Tackle2thePeople guarantee the freshest seafood available. Unlike grocery store fish, which are often imported and weeks old, our striped bass are caught locally and delivered within 48 hours.

Local and Transparent

Know where your seafood comes from. We partner with local fishermen to bring you seasonal, locally sourced catches straight from New England waters.