A Guide to Keep Your Fresh Fish Fresher


The best way to store fish is on ice.

They do it at the markets, you can do it at home!

Sometimes dinner plans change and you need to keep your fresh fish in the fridge for just one more day.

By keeping your fish at an ideal temperature of 33°F you can keep it fresher for longer. Freezing works too, but it can alter a fillet’s texture and moisture content. And a refrigerator’s temperature is usually 40°F or more!

So what to do!?

Keep your packaged Svenfish fillet in a bowl of ice in the refrigerator. make sure these is ice beneath the fillet and on top. This will keep the temperature of the fish lower than y

It’s amazing the difference a few degrees can make on fresh fish.

This will extend the freshness of your Svenfish fillet and give you an extra day in the fridge if your dinner plans suddenly change.