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North Hardwick Farm is a second-generation organic beef farm located 3 miles north of Hardwick in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.  Owned and operated by the Meyer family for over 40 years, the farm started with a few beef cows in the late 60’s and transitioned to a full-time dairy operation in 1978. North Hardwick Farm became certified organic in 2003 and their milk was soon winning state and national awards, but falling milk prices forced the hard decision to sell the milking herd in December of 2019. North Hardwick Farm now consists of almost 300 acres of pasture and cropland and produces organic beef and specialty crops of barley, rye, and heirloom corn.

The mostly angus cows feed on organic pasture during the summer and on dried hay and green bales made on the property during the winter, supplemented with a small amount of organic grain. The farm makes and feeds the cows “hay in a day,” meaning that the hayfields are mowed in the late morning or early evening and allowed to dry in a wide swath, ensuring the grass is dried properly and retains the highest sugar content possible.  The animals are raised entirely without antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs or pesticides.

North Hardwick Farm’s premium organic grass-fed pasture-raised meat contains 50% higher levels of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and more antioxidants than conventional beef while having lower levels of cholesterol, saturated fat and fatty monounsaturated fatty acids.  Through careful stewardship and a commitment to working the land in a responsible and giving way, the Meyer family offers a premium product that is good for the land and better for you.  Visit their Instagram feed for beautiful photos and view their website to learn more about the organic farm and its commitment to sustainable agriculture.


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