How To Return Your Svenfish Cooler

  1. At Home: 
    When placing your next Svenfish online order, just add a complimentary Cooler Return request to your cart before checking out. This tells our delivery drivers you have an old cooler you want picked up and they will be looking for it! Just remember to put it out early before your driver will arrive! 

    If you forget to add a Cooler Return request just hold on to the empty cooler until your next delivery date. If you leave it out by the front door, our delivery drivers will know to grab it after delivering your fresh order.  

  2. At the Retail Store: Now Open! 
    Located at 25 Powder Mill Road in Acton, MA and open Tuesday-Sunday from 10am – 6pm. 

  3. Request a Pick-Up: 
    If you don't plan to order again soon, email or call 866-786-3774 and we will coordinate a driver to come retrieve it (Wednesday to Friday).

  4. At a Farmer's Market: 
    We are not at every local market, please see our current market schedule.

  5. At a Pick-Up Location: 
    For our more remote customers, we are starting pick-up locations at select stores. More information to come soon.