Gift Guide: Fish and Seafood Cooking Accessories

Check out these gift ideas, either for yourself of the fish fanatic in your life! The team at Svenfish has curated this collection of some of our favorite cooking and grilling accessories we like to use.

This is just a recommendation of products, each one of these items is sold via Amazon and not Svenfish. Click the image or link to purchase through Amazon.


Grill Basket for Fish, Shrimp, or Vegetables

A grill basket is great for cooking fish fillets on the grill. It reduces the risk of the fillet flaking apart and makes flipping so easy. Also great for preventing smaller food items like shrimp from falling through the grill grates.

This product comes with additional skewers and other accessories. Click here to view product.

Cast Iron Oyster Grill Pan

Made from heavy duty cast iron, this oyster grill pan holds a dozen oysters, on the half-shell or out! Can be used on the grill, by a camp fire or even in the oven. We have even used it to make other apitizers besides oysters! 

It's a unique gift, perfect for a creative foodie. Click here to view product.

Oyster Shucking Cut Resistant Gloves with 3.5’’ Stainless Steel Oyster Knife

These cut resistant gloves are great for any kind of cooking or food prep. We use these all the time and they are machine washable, which is great when working with seafood a lot. 

The oyster knife is a must of you plan to ever enjoy those fresh oysters you bought!  Click here to view product.

Cedar Planks for Grilling Salmon, Fish, Meat and Veggies

These are fun to use and add extra smoke and flavor while grilling. We love to use them for salmon fillets or when cooking a whole side. 

Click here to view product.

Stainless Steel Fish Turner or Spatula

Not the most glamorous product, but you will use it every time you cook fish. The flexibility and slots in the head are what make it so efficient for turning food.

It is great for lifting, turning and transferring whole fish, filets, seafood cakes and more. Click here to view product.